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Job Description - Production Manager


An opportunity has arisen to take a leadership role across our Vicaima`s Swindon based Production departments.

To be effective within this position the ideal candidate will have management or supervisory experience.

This position has a dual focus:-

  • To redesign and improve the production environment and work processes, to support greater productivity and more effective utilisation of available resources (people and equipment)
  • To manage the production order portfolio and all associated process steps to streamline the elements, reduce lead times, and better meet customer requirements. 


Main Duties

  • Manage Capacity utilization either staff or machines
  • Develop the best layouts of production areas
  • Draft timescales for the different jobs
  • Liaise among different departments, suppliers and managers
  • Develop Training Plans
  • Assessing projects and resource requirements
  • Ensure the Health & Safety guidelines are followed in Production Areas
  • Monitor Products standards and implement quality-control programmes
  • Improvement of the Process and Operating standards:
    • Production
    • Set up
    • Internal Logistics
    • Be responsible for the selection and maintenance of equipment

Skills required

  • Confidence and strong character
  • Good communication skills and team work
  • Leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Good capacity to work under pressure
  • IT skills (mainly Microsoft Office)
  • Problem solving skills and imagination
  • Organization and efficiency


Closing Date: 31 March 2017

To apply, please send your CV to

Charlotte Adams, Human Resources Officer  CharlotteAdam@vicaima.com