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Dekordor®3D the Finishing Touch

This innovative and contemporary door finish, with its horizontal textural surface, is now available in 6 distinctive designs. Creating sophisticated environments that make a design statement, Dekordor® 3D can transform a multitude of applications from homes to hotels and offices to community buildings. Whether you choose the simplicity of an unadorned face or the added refinement of a satin inlay, the result will command attention.


Models Dekordor 3D


Blending Performance and style:

  • Distinctive models with satin inlay
  • Four contemporary colours: grey, black, oak and camel
  • Horizontal textured surface
  • UV stable and easy to clean
  • Easy to match as pairs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Door only or door and frame in glazed or unglazed configurations
  • Fire, security and acoustic options


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