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Change the landscape for interior design with Visual Sensations

Explore our world with Visual Sensations, a new collection of Dekordor® SD designs, which captures the essence of dramatic landscapes, bringing exterior colour and pattern within. Dekordor® Standard Duty (SD) finish foil has long been a popular choice, offering as it does a consistent and economical door finish which is ideal for a multitude of applications from homes to offices.

Visual Sensations introduces 3 tonal options in 3 distinct designs, including Flush vertical, Cross Directional Woodgrain (CDW) and with an inlay effect.  All doors are available with fire, acoustic and security performances where required.  To complete the theme, Vicaima can also supply matching doorsets, wardrobes and wall panels.


Vicaima Dekordor SD Visual Sensations Doors


Your first choice for:

  • On-trend designs
  • Wood look blending modern and rustic charm
  • Flush vertical and CDW patterns
  • Inlay effect option
  • Fire, acoustic and security
  • Matching doorsets, wardrobes and wall panels
  • Eco-friendly


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