Market Sectors

Hotels & Leisure

Customised Solutions

An expert on developing solutions for the hotel industry, Vicaima has an extensive portfolio that reflect its experience and know-how to the level of Premium projects . Unique solutions, customized for each project, ranging from furniture, fire doors and acoustic doors to doors with RFID integrated system with access control that enables online access and resource optimization in real time. Technical support is provided by the Promotion and Project Team that analyses in detail each Project, evaluating performances and the best solutions according to customer needs.


Technical Information:

Designs Exclusive | Essential | Classic
Fire doors FD30 FD30 Inverse | FD60 | FD90
Acoustic doors FD30 AC34dB | FD30 AC41dB | FD30 AC42dB | FD30 AC45dB FD60 AC34dB | FD60 AC43dB
Framing Solutions Portaro® | Portaro® Sliding Door | Inverse | Pivotal
Door configurations Double Leaf | Overpanel | Double Action
Brochures Portaro & Easi-Fit | Wardrobes
Technical Information Dimensions | Opening Directions
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Housing & Apartment living


New developments deserve new ideas, so in a joint interaction between architecture and space decoration, Vicaima doors fit into a differentiated aesthetics, within a context of modern architecture. With a wide range of models, in simple or more contemporary design, the doors and frames are available in various finishes and colours, from veneer to lacquered or textured. Vicaima presents integrated solutions for housing projects, that include door and frame, wardrobes and other complements such as skirting as well as a uniform and harmonious décor.


Technical Information:

Designs Exclusive | Essential | Classic
Performances SBD Fire Door 30S AC35 | SBD Fire Door 30S AC36 Inverse | SBD Fire Door 60S AC36
Framing Solutions Portaro® | Portaro® Sliding Door | Inverse | Pivotal
Configuration options Double Leaf | Overpanel
Wardrobes Opening and sliding doors | Modular interiors
Brochures Portaro & Easi-Fit | Wardrobes
Technical Information Dimensions | Opening directions
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Medical  & Education and Commercial Buildings

Mobility, Durability and Easy Maintenance

Creating and providing a pleasant environment suited to the needs of users is one of the current concerns of today’s Architecture, which is evidenced by the quality and judicious choice of materials used. Vicaima present a collection of products and solutions for variour sectors, such as medical, schools and commercial buildings, which aim to humanise spaces, and increase the comfort and security of the users.


Main features of Vicaima door solutions for applications with an intensive use:

  • Resistance, durability and easy maintenance;
  • Extra resistant High Pressure Laminates (HPL) or Dekordor HD (Continuous Pressure Laminates) finishes with several colours;
  • Dimensions and characteristics that facilitate mobility and accessibility;
  • Glass openings that improve the luminance in the interior spaces;
  • Collision protection areas for wheeled equipment;
  • Technical doors suited to current fire and radiation resistance legislation.


The solutions presented are a result of an R&D process that contemplates a specific characterisation, which guarantees the required quality and functionality. These products were subject to rigorous tests and are certified by international laboratories that ensure the compliance of the legislation in force.