Portaro® V2 EI30 AC42dB

The same safety, with a more minimalist design

The new Portaro® V2 EI30 AC42dB solution presents a door integrated into interior architraves – a factor which distinguishes it from the Portaro® EI30 AC42.

Suitable for equipping hotel projects, amongst others, this new product featuring modern lines, naturally blends into plain and minimalist settings.

Portaro® V2 EI30 AC42dB includes door, frame and accessories, and is certified by accredited international laboratories to have fire resistance up to 30 minutes in accordance with EN 13501-2 and sound insulation up to 42dB as per EN 717-1.

This new technical solution is available in various innovative finishes ranging from real wood veneer or real wood veneer stained, to decorative or RAL lacquered colours.

Available with FSC® certification, the Portaro® V2 EI30 AC42dB features a wide range of Vicaima solutions designed to promote greater construction sustainability.

Interior View:

Interior View - Portaro V2 EI30AC42


  • Rebated door 57mm thick, integrated into interior architrave
  • Door and frame in wood and derivatives, fire resistant up to 30 minutes with acoustic insulation up to 42 decibels.
  • Stainless steel CE marked accessories, intumescent seals, acoustic insulation profile and automatic drop seal
  • Recessing options for electronic lock, hinges and concealed door closer or with scissor arm




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