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Latest Decor Trends Shaped by Vicaima

2019 promises to be a great year for the brand and the sector. Curious?
Explore the latest ideas for this year.

The year has begun and Vicaima, one of Europes leading exponents in the design and production of interior door solutions, is moving to the rhythm of colours, patterns and textures that define new trends and give soul to the most diverse spaces, from houses to hotels and other everyday spaces.

Trending tones for 2019 highlighted in the Vicaima palette:

We are open to embrace diversity this year. Yes, 2019 is going to be a year of contrasts, from light-coloured spaces, to vibrant environments with strong patterns.

Starting with a timeless trend: white, always sought after in every market, with the ability to create a relaxing environment. Take a look at the Vicaima Classic M3200 as it blends perfectly with a light grey wall, a highlight colour of 2019.

Comfort is also a trend, therefore, in addition to the soft whites replacing the cool whites, wood comes into the scene - something in which Vicaima has a long experience of and knows just how to use. The light and neutral tones of beige compliment it. In our newly invigorated range of options are several examples of these tones, which transmit amplitude and luminosity. From Stained rustic pale sand, within the Naturdor collection, to the Grey beige, within the Lacdor collection, and we can not fail to highlight the Dekordor 3D in washed oak tones, from the Essential collection.

The palette for 2019 puts Living Coral under the spotlight. Along with it are other colours that complement it perfectly: light blue and greens, ideal for those who look for a bold touch, but do not wish to dispense with tranquility. Have you seen the Blue Seas or Aqua Green? They are part of the HD Colours from the Dekordor HD collection.

Those who see these more inspiring and dreamy tones cannot forget the contrast this upcoming year is promissing. For this reason, get ready, because the warm tones of orange, brick or burgundy are also on their way in and they are ideal earth tones to match with the Carob brown by Naturdor Stained Rustic, Deep brown by Naturdor Stained or even Dark Cedar by Dekordor 3D. These well-honed tones are a true journey back to the '70s and promise to blend into the decorating preferences of luxurious environments with fabrics and textures.

Fashion is what it is: it inspires in comebacks, and the markets are ready to follow them. This time around, it will not be any different, with geometric patterns coming back, as well as oversized and daring patterns. How and where to use them can be a difficult choice, but Vicaima can help. With Vicaima Match solutions you can create specific environments, very adapted to each concept and, of course, to the trends. After all, the right pattern, in the right space, can make the difference.

Without losing class and sophistication, black is not discarded from this year's palette. Its application can go from the walls to the doors and also it can be found on small details, like the handles or the frames, a great trend in the north of Europe.

For the brave ones, a Black & White decor can be a must.

Nature and bold textures ready to stand out:

Nature will continue to fit perfectly indoors, where the wood is always at home particularly in warm and vibrant tones. The natural wood surface will therefore be a trend, dividing between rough-looking, rustic and pronounced textured faces, together with a patterned, straight-grained and matt finish as a bold contrast, we highlight the EX70 collection in dark taupe.

Connecting to nature will also gain ground in the choice of eco-friendly materials valued by Vicaima, the industry’s pioneer in the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification.

Versatility without neglecting the technique:

There is always something that will never get old: quality, one of Vicaima’s strenghts. The company is focused on the maintenance and development of contemporary and visionary designs, but it does not neglect the high performance technical solutions, from Acoustic Doors to Fire Doors.

Vicaima is ready to respond to the demands of the market with customized and perfect solutions, transforming any decorative environment into a space full of character and personality, with harmony and cohesion between decors inspired by natural, by light, by the best colours and by bold patterns.




Latest Decor Trends Shaped by Vicaima