Vicaima integrates a New University Housing project


Vicaima once again includes its signature in a new student accommodation project. This time, several comfort, privacy and security solutions were integrated in the U.Hub Campus Asprela, located in Porto and designed for university students seeking comfort, social and leisure opportunities, but also tranquility for their days of rest or study.

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Vicaima solutions at the recently inaugurated Hospital Internacional dos Açores


The Hospital Internacional dos Açores, officially opened on 8th March, in Lagoa, on the island of São Miguel, had the participation of Vicaima in its project, with the inclusion of several choices from the Hospital Range throughout the hospital. 

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Vicaima Solutions at the Hotel & SPA Residencia Puerto - Tarifa


Vicaima, a major European player in the design and manufacture of vanguard solutions for doors, frames, wardrobes and panels, was assigned the task of fitting the Hotel & Spa La Residencia Puerto, located at the most southern point of Europe, in Tarifa (Spain). 

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Vicaima integrates the New Hotel Mercure Fátima


Launched in April right next to the Shrine of Fátima, the new Mercure Hotel grants its customers and guests a set of security and comfort solutions branded by Vicaima, a major European player in the design and production of avant-garde solutions for doors, frames, wardrobes, panels and furniture items.

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New Naturdor® Catalogue


Decorative wood veneers can trace their ancestry back thousands of years to early Egyptian times and in more recent centuries, the use of real wood veneers for interior doors have become synonymous with quality and their connection with the natural environment. 

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Portaro® SBD Solutions


If you were selecting a car for security reasons, would you be looking for one that had wheels, an engine and a lockable door? No, of course not! You would rightly be interested in its performance, roadworthy tests, quality of components, not to mention other safety features and naturally its appearance and stylish kerb appeal.  

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