Vicaima sets charm in downtown Porto hotel


Located in the historic centre of Porto, this hotel project by the Accor Group is the result of the rehabilitation of an emblematic building, where Vicaima doors were selected to provide a contemporary and urban atmosphere to its interiors.

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Vicaima reinforces international position with educational project in Gibraltar


Vicaima was the company selected to supply the interior doors to the Waterport School Complex, located in Gibraltar. Several Portaro® solutions (door, frame and accessories in a single piece), oriented to the education sector, were specifically developed for this contemporary project.

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Portaro and Easi-Fit doorkits, the fast way to achieve excellence


Leading interior door manufacturer Vicaima, have just introduced a totally new door kit and set brochure, which opens the way to assembly solutions for an ever increasing market diversity and performance criteria.  

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RC2 solution adds high performance and refinement to housing development


Vicaima restates its leading position in the European housing sector by providing high-performance interior doors and security doors to the Grand Huit Nyon housing project, which lies in the heart of the Swiss city.

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Portaro® solutions provide quality performance at S. Bento Residences


Vicaima wood doors were selected to equip the new S. Bento Residences hotel development, located near S. Bento Railway Station, in Porto. Optimising space, creating continuous plans and providing security and comfort is the objective of the installation of the several Portaro® solutions integrating the project.

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Vicaima doors add charm to the 4 star boutique Catalonia Porto Hotel


Vicaima was the interior door brand selected to equip the new "Catalonia Porto Hotel", located in the heart of Porto, within a group of buildings dating back to the end of the 18th century.  The 4 star boutique hotel included fire and acoustic doors.

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