Vicaima launches new finishes brochure


Vicaima, a major European player in the design and production of vanguard solutions for doors, frames, wardrobes, panels and furniture elements, has just launched the new "About Finishes" brochure, composed of visionary coatings, aimed at the most varied applications and market sectors, while not overlooking the environment’s best practices and concerns.

"About Finishes" is presented as the ideal proposal for professionals with passion for creative and innovative ideas. This brochure reflects the extensive offer of Vicaima finishes, contemplating the different brand ranges in its essence. The diverse design options are available in a wide range of interior door models, fire performance, acoustic and security doors, as well as wardrobes and panels, all of which with different designs, including Grooves or Inlays.

Among the immense array of choices that can be found in the brochure, it is worth highlighting the Naturdor® natural wood veneer finishes, available in a multitude of wood species. Offering configurations ranging from solid or translucent colours, from crown to quarter cut effect, with or without stain, and High Gloss, Matt and Satin varnishes, including the Deep Textured with a pronounced veins, the combinations are almost limitless and defy the imagination. These reflect the natural authenticity of wood and are capable of creating visual aesthetic games, in a diversified palette which explores everything from neutral to bold or from light to dark tones.

The new Vicaima Brochure also integrates the Dekordor® range, which features decorative coatings, wood patterns or highly resistant laminates with embossing, texture or plain colours, that mark the difference with their modern look and shades, thus adding a touch of elegance to any interior.

Also of note is the Lacdor range, composed of RAL lacquered colours in a wide range of shades from light to dark, with smooth surfaces and matt or high gloss finishes. They are the perfect combination for any luxurious or refined ambiance, capable of transforming and bringing freedom and modernism to any setting.

Finally and equally relevant, the innovative and customised finishes for Vicaima Match panels should be highlighted in the new brochure, are also available to complement spaces with a contemporary and exclusive touch.

Vicaima Match finishes provide a new impetus to the world of interior design, inspiring spaces with life, enriched with elements that blend into the décor sought by design and creativity lovers. The concept is extended to various applications, namely interior decoration, hospitality, commercial or office spaces, as well as to the furniture or exhibition industries, where it always has a unique approach going beyond the imagination.

These differentiating solutions by Vicaima are FSC® certified - a certifying entity that fosters responsible forest management, resulting in a long journey across the shades, colours and textures. These timeless woods and contemporary designs, project the architectural surroundings, sculpt comfort and well-being, and further enhance the senses of those who benefit from their presence.