Vicaima Limited - COVID-19 Secure


Vicaima has remained open throughout the pandemic, in accordance with government instructions for the construction sector. This has enabled us to service the needs of the industry and our customers to the highest level.  Our uninterrupted service, was of course made possible by early, stringent and far reaching actions, taken by the organisation to ensure the protection of our employees, suppliers and customers at all times, something we can all feel immensely proud of.

Risk assessments are very much part of the normal working practices within Vicaima and these have been extended to take the additional measures necessary to mitigate the effects of the pandemic into consideration.  Therefore as a result of actions taken previously and in line with government guidelines, we are pleased to confirm that Vicaima Limited declares itself to be COVID-19 SECURE.

A copy of the Vicaima Limited COVID-19 SECURE certificate and further details are available on request.

Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ and to ensure that the business continues to provide help and assistance wherever needed, we are currently operating with extensive teams working remotely. These teams are able to manage all your enquiries and other business related matters, regardless of their actual location. Therefore until further notice please continue to use the following e-mail contact details for all communications:

Vicaima COVID 19 Contact Teams:

Order Enquiries

Pricing Enquiries

Customer Service   

Deliveries - Goods In/Out

Specification / Technical

Images/Product Range


Credit Control

Vicaima Limited continues to follow HM Government advice and instruction in this improving situation.  As restrictions are modified and we move towards less restrictive phases, we will of course make further notifications as they become appropriate. 

Our production, sales and service teams are fully operational and so as far as we are concerned its business as usual. #WithDoorsWideOpen to making our customers vision a reality.

Vicaima Limited