West Yas Villas

Abu Dhabi

The West Yas Villas residential project, set on the Yas Islands in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), has chosen the Vicaima brand to equip its 1017 beachfront villas.

Offering conditions for a unique comfortable and restful experience, the development boasts excellent views of the natural mangroves around the island, and features, among other facilities, a community centre, a mosque, various leisure facilities and restaurants.

From the Vicaima product portfolio, several  Portaro® Entrance and Portaro® doors - a set comprising door, frame and accessories in a single piece - were installed at the entrance of the homes, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Wardrobes and other decorative elements in wood were also applied.

The finish chosen for all these applications was the walnut composite wood veneer.  This coating, combined with the unique characteristics of the Villas, helped to create a unique ambience for relaxation that is equally distinguished by a bold, welcoming and timeless character.

Product Range

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