Yas Acres

Abu Dhabi, EAU

Situated in a quiet seaside location on the Yas Islands in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is the Yas Acres development, where modern homes and open spaces include Vicaima Portaro® solutions - a single piece consisting of a door, frame and accessories - combining with the serene and comfortable family feel of the spaces.

To equip the 652 villas that make up the distinguished development, Yas Acres, several units of Portaro® and Portaro® Entrance solutions were installed in different areas, namely at the home entrances, kitchens and laundry rooms. Wardrobes and other decorative elements were also installed.

The areas were further enhanced by the diversity of customised coatings and finishes, where natural wood veneer was selected, which perfectly harmonised the modern, peaceful atmosphere of this project. As for the wardrobes, the chosen finish was a custom-made decorative coating, which fully blends in with the family living space.

Product Range

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