Canto Da Maia Primary School

Azores, Portugal

Vicaima, an important international player in the design and manufacture of pioneering solutions for the school sector, has been elected to integrate various Portaro® solutions - a set consisting of door, frame and accessories in a single piece - for the Canto Da Maia Primary School project, ensuring a tailored design according to the specificities of the project.

The several Portaro® 30 and 60 minute fire solutions from the school range, which equipped this development, were used in the classrooms, laboratories and common areas. All the products integrated focused on complying with high safety and mobility requirements for students and professionals.

The finishes included Dekordor® HD Colours and Dekordor SHD, are characterised by high resistance to impact and easy cleaning and maintenance, as required by a place of this size. Garlic Grey was chosen from a wide palette of shades, offering a calm and relaxing environment, propitious to promoting academic education.

Product Range

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