Why Vicaima Fire Doors are the Safest option
and our Recommendation

Fires in buildings often result in irreparable damage to people and property. These facts show the responsibility of all professionals of the sector involved in the process of fire safety, which include several steps from the specification to the maintenance of the doors, which, if duly complied with, will guarantee the safety and protection of all occupants and property. With regard to fire doors below some key factors are identified for the correct selection, purchase and maintenance of these products.


Some Facts About Fire Doors


What is the purpose of fire doors?

How are fire doors classified and which Standards should they comply?

Why fire doors should be seen as a complete installed assembly?

What type of integrated fire solution does VICAIMA provide?

In which laboratories does VICAIMA conduct its fire tests?

Check some main recommendations concerning fire safety

The importance of regular inspection and  maintenance. What to check on an installed fire door?

Why VICAIMA Fire Doors are the safest option?