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Vicaima - Indústria de Madeiras e Derivados, S.A. was founded in 1959 and is currently one of the greatest European manufacturers of interior doors. Vicaima is national leader and, besides Portugal, it has a direct presence in Spain, Morocco and in the United Kingdom. Vicaima exports around 95% of its production worldwide and  is committed every day to the quality of the raw materials and to the innovative design of its products.
Vicaima presents a wide range of products, like: interior doorsfire doorsacoustic doorssecurity doorsdoor kits, door sets and wardrobes.
The brand follows three key principles: to maintain the simplicity of the solutions, to always seek a differentiating angle and to break away from the obvious. This vision of vanguard and innovation has been supporting the evolution of the door as a commodity into a passion and art element product.
Vicaima’s philosophy is set on constant innovation, new product range creation and the refreshing of existing products. Due to the strong focus on exports, Vicaima constantly studies the adaptation of the products to the construction requirements of the various regions of the world, always conciliating functionality, security and design.

Vicaima - providing solutions for:

  • Education and health
  • Commercial developments
  • Social housing
  • Hotels and leisure
  • Apartments
  • Restoration and self-build

Vicaima is part of Grupo Vicaima, consisting of Vicaima Madeiras (SGPS), S.A.

60 years of leadership

1959    Establishing of “Florestal” in Vale de Cambra (Aveiro), dedicated to the trade of material for joinery and civil construction industry
1960    Building of the first warehouse
1964    “Florestal” takes on the social designation of “Vicaima Industrial” and starts the production of plywood
1969    Start  of door manufacturing
1973    Launch of Portaro®, a ready to fit door and frame set
1976   Establishing of “Movelcaima”
1977   Establishing of “Madeitejo” and focus on internationalisation with exports to Belgium
1984   The company takes on the social designation of “Vicaima – Indústria de Madeiras e Derivados, Lda” and starts the manufacture of feature doors
1985   Launch of the Performance range
1988   Start of direct operations in the United Kingdom with “Vicaima Ltd”
1991    “Vicaima Puertas” is established for Spain and the distribution companies in Portugal have their social designations changed to "Vicaima – Centro Comercial de Materiais, S.A."
1992    “Vicaima – Indústria de Madeiras e Derivados, S.A.” 
1993   Vicaima obtains ISO 9001 quality management system certification by APCER
2001   Launch of the new Exclusive door line
2003    “Vicaima – Centro Comercial de Materiais, S.A.”, changes the social designation to “Globaldis – Distribuição Global de Materiais, S.A.”
2005    Vicaima obtains ISO 14001 environmental certification by APCER, and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification
2008    Launch of the Haute Couture Range with the Black & White Collection
2008    Launch of eco-friendly products
2010    Launch of Surfaceslab - Intelligent Surfaces
2012    Launch of the luxury Collection "Makassar" and of the renewed Black&White Collection for the Haute Couture segment
2013    Start of investment project focused on innovation and development of unique solutions for technical performances such as fire and acoustic
2014/2015    Establishing of a Vicaima branch in Morocco, Africa.  International consolidation of the brand’s expertise for luxury hotel projects. Strong start up investment plan focused on technological modernization of industrial processes and R&D projects.
2016/2017    Launch of Match Designer Panels Inspiration.
2018    Achievement of Vicaima’s first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the FD30 AC41dB Fire and Acoustic Door Solution
               Development and certification of fire door solutions for the US market (FR20 and FR90)
               Launch of the new Portaro® Security RC2 EI45 AC45dB. A multi-performance technical solution with an excellent thermal insulation
               (UD: 1,17 W/(m2.ºC))
2019    Launch of the first BIM (Building Information Modeling) objects of portaro® solutions
               Achievement of exemplary result for  Vicaima’s fire Door 30 minutes, which achieved 54 minutes in the tests that the Ministry of Housing,
               Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) implemented, related to the investigation into the UK Timber Fire Door industry