Climate Action

Responsible Consumption
On the road to Energy transition

The efficient use of energy resources is one of the main focuses for reducing the environmental impact associated with GHG emissions. In this context, Vicaima has been proactively implementing actions aimed at moving towards carbon neutrality, combining the economic and environmental sustainability of its activity.
These efforts are reflected in the placement of innovative solutions on the market, as well as the adoption of more efficient production processes.

Thus, throughout 2022, the Vicaima Group recorded a total reduction in energy consumption of 2 696 GJ, which corresponds to 352 tCO2e of GHG emissions that were avoided.

We have implemented actions in specific areas with the aim of reducing energy consumption, which represents one of the largest shares of the impact of GHG emissions resulting from our activity. These include:


It should be noted that total energy consumption in 2022 was 80 340 GJ, 32% of which was associated with the consumption of renewable energy from internal energy recovery, namely through the use of wood waste, with the remainder coming from fossil fuels and electricity.

The Vicaima Group is determined to increase its consumption of energy from renewable sources, both by selecting energy suppliers based on the weight of renewable energy in its supply mix and by investing directly in photovoltaic projects.