Climate Action

GHG Emissions

Climate change and the consequent escalation of global warming are the main reflection of the increase in GHG emissions. We seek solutions to help mitigate these changes, and in 2022 the Vicaima Group's GHG emissions totalled 6 486 tCO2e, a significant reduction of 578 tCO2e compared to the previous year.


This decrease was accomplished through the implementation of projects that resulted in reduced energy consumption, totaling 352 tCO2e, and through specific projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, contributing 226 tCO2e to the reduction.

These specific projects include optimising the efficiency of the boilers that support the production process, electrification of production flows and new layouts for cargo handling, with a view to reducing dependence on the use of fossil fuels during operations.

Ongoing projects

Three new projects were also developed and awarded in 2022 and will be implemented during 2023:

Reinforcement of the fleet of vehicles for handling loads using electric/hybrid systems.
Project started in 2018, with 17% of the fleet converted by 2022.

In the field of renewable energies (biomass), implementation of the ORC-Organic Rankine Cycle system, one of the most promising technologies for converting thermal energy into renewable electrical energy.

Installation of a photovoltaic plant for self-consumption, with the installation of 1 650 solar panels to be placed on the roofs of the factories of the Vale de Cambra Unit.