Vicaima Match gives new freedom to the interior design world, bringing spaces to life, enriched with inspiring elements that blend with the wider vision of those who love to create. Match concept extends the scope for applications, such as, interior decoration for hotels, homes, commercial spaces or offices, furniture industry or displays, always with a truly unique and stretching imagination.

Product Concept

The Match concept is applicable in different surfaces or materials, breaking new ground in quality. The use of H2P technology and innovating production processes, ensure high levels of quality and flexibility in its solutions. Based on different board types, it is possible to reproduce a wide range of designs and finishes, customised for different uses such as, wall panels with door integrated, pieces for furniture, partitioning or displays.


Match boards can combine features and specific materials to ensure the best performance and the intended design. The final output may vary according to the chosen board type, surface layer and chosen varnish. The board range includes fire retardant or moisture resistant products and the layers are available in white or real wood veneer with textured or smooth finish.

Technical Sheet



Medium density fibreboard (MDF) for use in dry environments. This board type is suitable for applications such as, furniture, wall panels, shop fitting and kitchen modules.

Technical Sheet



Moisture Resistant medium density fibreboard (MDF), suitable to use on environments which require a best performance to air humidity. This board type is indicated to use in applications such as, wall panels, furniture and kitchen modules.

Technical Sheet


Fire Retardant MDF

Fire Retardant Medium density fibreboard (MDF), for use in locations where improved performance in reaction to fire is required. The features of this type of board are specialy indicated for hotel and leisure or medical and services sectors, for applications such as, wall panels and partitioning.

Technical Sheet



Panel composed with several layers of wood veneers glued perpendicularly. This panel with high dimensional stability is suitable for applications such as, wall panels, furniture, shop fitting or exhibitions.

Technical Sheet



Wood particle board panel for use in dry environments. This type of board is indicated for use in wall panels, shop fitting and exhibitions, partitioning, kitchen furniture and packaging.

Technical Sheet



With a world limited only by your imagination, Vicaima Match presents some inspiring suggestions that reflect alternate styles and décors. From the most luxurious to natural simplicity, these proposals can be depicted in different elements, creating a visual link with each other, which characterize the space and adds personality.

Product Applications

Vicaima Match opens up a world of possibilities for creativity. The flexibility offered in this concept, regarding dimensions, designs, base materials and types of applications, enables it to offer solutions that can be customised for each project.


With leading-edge technology and high quality selected raw materials, Match achieves excellent results for any project. Vicaima can also provide addtitional services to assist application such as cutting, modulation or edging, thereby saving time and money.

Why choose Match?

With a great scope for flexibility and creativity, Match concept offers you a compelling advantages in which we can include tailor-made solutions, processes and eco-friendly technology, high quality standards, and much more…


Customized Solutions

Easy to produce customized and unique solutions for projects. Designs, dimensions, modulation.


Reproduction onto different surfaces

The reproduction of images or coloured graphics onto different surfaces such as real wood veneer presents a distinct and sophisticated finish.


Specific boards types for different applications

Diverse range of wood-based boards with specific features, that ensure the best performance in different applications.


Various varnish finishes

Standard or high gloss varnish.


Suitable for various sectors

Commercial, hospitality, health, education and housing.


Wide applications

Wall panels with door integrated, furniture, partitioning, shop fitting, kitchen modules, exhibitions, packaging.


Ability to combine multiple elements

Wall paneling, furniture, doors.





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