New Ideas

Naturdor Stained Rustic

Real wood veneer blended with stains and a unique grain appearance in 4 finish colours to stretch your imagination.
Selected quarter cut real Ash veneer provides the canvas, onto which a combination of face enhancing and semi-translucent stain, together with grain embellishment, creates a new and exciting face appearance.

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With grooves constantly growing in popularity and demand, Vicaima has released 6 new designs to complement its already favoured collection.
Take any flush door from the Vicaima Essential range and you can enhance the design even further by adding one of the many grooved design options available.  With a variety of patterns to choose from, in a choice of V, rounded and square groove channels and complimentary groove colours; the possibilities are endless.

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Deep Textured

Looking for interior doors with the appearance and feel of an open grain and a less regular surface? Then optional Deep Textured finish provides the perfect and attainable solution.  Available as an alternative finish option on selected models of crown cut veneered or stained Naturdor® ranges, Deep Textured finish with a Matt Varnish has real feel appeal!
Additionally, Deep Textured finish can also be supplied with an attractive and highly decorative face groove for that added touch of design.

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Creating a fusion between shape, colour and form, this collection adopts minimalist and dramatic grain highlights on a pure white background to present stylish and imaginative door models.  With five distinctive models and a choice of four contrasting grain tones, this artistic movement is worthy of an exhibition or indeed your next project.
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Introducing the EX70 collection from Vicaima, which brings a new perspective on grain direction and modern veneered doors.  Part of the Exclusive range, these doors are based on real Ash veneer with an added ingredient to make them stand out and command attention.  Geometric patterns like the EX70’s 3 part chevron design are framed with a black C shaped groove to enhance and act as a separation to this dramatic and luxurious styling.  The collection is available in 5 contemporary designs in a choice of 3 deep on-trend tones, including Warm Umber, Dark Taupe and Charcoal Brown. 

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High Gloss

Interiors take on a luxurious appeal with the addition of a high gloss finish.  Adding a feeling of space and with the benefit of reflecting available light, a gloss finish can transform the ordinary to give a touch of sophistication and enhanced design quality.  Available as an optional final touch, gloss lacquer is available on both veneered and coloured finishes from the Vicaima Naturdor and Lacdor ranges. 

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Naturdor Stained

Real wood veneer with its natural grain configuration is loved by all and adds beauty and sophistication to interiors the world over.  Sometimes however, mother-nature needs a little helping hand to stretch the possibilities and create colour combinations that permit designers to explore new trends and original ideas.  Vicaima stained doors offer just that scope, with 6 attractive shades in a selection of real crown cut ash veneered doors, covered with a consistent stain finish and lacquered for durability.

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Classic K Range

Taking elements of shaker styling and adding innovation from a new era, has allowed the panel door to be re-born for a modern generation. The inset panels and clean lines provide a contemporary feel and new finishes allow design flexibility beyond the imagination of former ages. Available fully finished and in a choice of models to achieve complete flexibility. 

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