New Ideas

Portaro® and Block Thermal

Door and frame solutions which provide greater comfort, excellent insulation and a better energy performance within buildings.

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Portaro® V2 EI30 AC42dB

The new Portaro® V2 EI30 AC42dB solution presents a door integrated into interior architraves – a factor which distinguishes it from the Portaro® EI30 AC42.

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Modern Range

Introducing a paneled door for a new generation. The Classic Modern collection embodies subtle elegance with shallow relief solid wood panels in 1,2,3 and 4 panel designs. 

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With grooves constantly growing in popularity and demand, Vicaima has released 6 designs to complement its already favoured collection.
Take any flush door from the Vicaima Essential range and you can enhance the design even further by adding one of the many grooved design options available.  With a variety of patterns to choose from, in a choice of V, rounded and square groove channels and complimentary groove colours; the possibilities are endless.

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Introducing the EX70 collection from Vicaima, which brings a new perspective on grain direction and modern veneered doors.  Part of the Exclusive range, these doors are based on real Ash veneer with an added ingredient to make them stand out and command attention.  Geometric patterns like the EX70’s 3 part chevron design are framed with a black C shaped groove to enhance and act as a separation to this dramatic and luxurious styling.  The collection is available in 5 contemporary designs in a choice of 3 deep on-trend tones, including Warm Umber, Dark Taupe and Charcoal Brown. 

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Classic K Range

Taking elements of shaker styling and adding innovation from a new era, has allowed the panel door to be re-born for a modern generation. The inset panels and clean lines provide a contemporary feel and new finishes allow design flexibility beyond the imagination of former ages. Available fully finished and in a choice of models to achieve complete flexibility. 

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