Two on-trend design ideas, individually exciting; together amazing!

Make your mark with the latest Groove Design
With grooves constantly growing in popularity and demand, Vicaima has released 6 designs to complement its already favoured collection.
Take any flush door from the Vicaima Essential range and you can enhance the design even further by adding one of the many grooved design options available.  With a variety of patterns to choose from, in a choice of V, rounded and square groove channels and complimentary groove colours; the possibilities are endless.

Paint never looked this good!
As well as developing this wide range of grooves, Vicaima has simultaneously brought in tonal Lacquered colours. In addition to the ever popular Lacdor Satin White, these Lacdor tones provide superb finished paint options that are in step with the latest design trends.  Available in a choice of 8 RAL options and in a choice of sheen to meet all tastes.

Combine these two great ideas for a remarkable design fusion
Why not combine a vibrant Lacdor paint finish with one of these great groove options and create a fresh unique look on any solid core door.  Contact us today to find out more.

RAL Colour Options


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