Aurios: new milestone with Vicaima solutions in the luxury residential sector in Porto


A total of 48 properties overlooking the Douro River are being built with high quality standards.

In Porto, the construction of Aurios, comprising 26 villas and 22 apartments, is a promising addition to the city’s riverside landscape. This new development, located in the historic Quinta da China, benefits from breathtaking views of the Douro River and is part of the efforts to revitalise this area, which also foresee the construction of a new bridge, among other projects.

Designed by VMA Arquitetura, the Aurios project stands out for its unique concept, where time is the key element in the residential experience, combining exceptional design with state-of-the-art functionalities. The selection of interior door solutions by Vicaima reflects their constant pursuit of quality and security.

The Portaro® EI30 AC40dB is the preferred choice for the apartment entrance doors. It is characterised by its dual features of fire resistance and sound insulation, providing a safe and peaceful environment for residents. This solution, certified by accredited international organisations, strictly complies with safety and comfort requirements.

The Portaro® Inverse, a solution comprising door, frame and accessories in a single piece, will figure prominently in every room. The Inverse concept also allows the door to be incorporated faced with walls or panels, creating a continuous, rectilinear surface which harmoniously blends in with the development’s contemporary aesthetic. This feature is not merely a detail, but a fundamental component that adds to the contemporary feel and stylistic integrity of each space.

The doors and panels of the Aurios feature an NCS 1005 Y50R Lacquer finish, which was chosen for its great potential to create elegant and welcoming ambiances. This plain colour finish is ideal for areas where sophistication and visual spaciousness are combined, thus highlighting the project’s superior quality and design.

At Aurios, sustainability is paramount, with a strong emphasis on renewable energy and efficiency measures, ensuring the highest level of energy certification. The integration with the local landscape is carefully planned, respecting the native vegetation and contributing to the environmental sustainability of the project - which is a commitment shared by Vicaima, whose driving aims are to reduce its ecological footprint, promoting more sustainable construction and contributing to the well-being and safety of future generations.

Scheduled for completion in 2025, Aurios is a distinguishing project in the residential portfolio of Vicaima, thus consolidating its position as a leading European supplier of integrated solutions for doors, frames, wardrobes, panels and furniture items.


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