Commitment to circular economy by the Vicaima Group ensures 96% recovery of waste


Within the scope of world environment day, the company carries out a campaign to raise awareness on recycling

World Environment Day, celebrated on 5 June, will be marked at Vicaima with a series of initiatives aimed at raising awareness on the importance of recycling and the circularity of resources. This is a key topic in the ESG strategy of the company, which in 2023 recovered 96 % of produced waste.

Compliance with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is one of the central pillars of Vicaima Group’s sustainability policy. Within this framework, a series of investments, actions and partnerships have been carried out aimed at contributing directly to the pursuit of the goals established on a national and global level by the various organisations.

As a corporate group strongly focused on industry, Vicaima Group has the SDG 12 - Sustainable Production and Consumption - as one of its major areas of action, working actively to extend the life cycle of its solutions, by optimising the entire value chain and minimising waste.

This is a policy requiring a holistic approach, involving direct investment, the involvement of various stakeholders and the active contribution of all employees. This last factor has been particularly important in the Group’s actions, with a series of workshops and awareness-raising activities aimed at the employees from the various companies in the different geographies in which it operates. On 5th June, World Environment Day, the initiatives at Vicaima will focus on the 3 R’s hierarchy (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), encouraging the transversal adoption of separation and recycling in the different areas of the company.

The Group’s approach to this issue has produced concrete and measurable results. In 2023, a total of 4,139 tonnes of waste were generated, representing a 15% decrease compared to the previous year. From this volume, of which wood waste represents a significant part, 96% was valorised through reuse in new products, recycling or the production of thermal energy.

‘The extent of the challenges we face requires consistent and holistic action. It is essential that we are aware that every action and project counts towards true sustainable development, capable of boosting business and safeguarding future generations,’ explains Filipe Ferreira, Chief Sustainability Officer at Vicaima Group and Director at Vicaima Indústria. ‘As regards circular economy, I believe it is crucial for all economic agents to understand that circularity, reuse and recycling of materials is reflected not only in environmental benefits, but also in economic and productivity gains,’ he concludes.

During all operations, the different waste circuits are continuously monitored and categorised, making it possible to optimise the separation and forwarding of waste for recovery via the various duly accredited waste partners or operators, with the aim of being reused and reintroduced into the value chain, thereby avoiding the final destination to be landfill.

In this context, priority is given to progressively include in the Group’s manufactured products or those that it integrates throughout the supply chain, renewable materials, high percentage recycled materials or wood-based products made from fast-growing natural fibres, rather than virgin raw materials.

Based on the main objectives of reducing the impact of its activity and promoting more sustainable construction, the Vicaima Group has released its latest 2023 Sustainability Report, which transparently pursues its ongoing commitment to the various established goals. The document presents the strategy, implemented practices and future objectives related to ESG criteria, as well as its alignment with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) defined by the United Nations (UN).


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