Glacier creates a Visual Sensations


Glacier is just one of three new door finishes set to change the landscape for interior design. Introduced by leading internal door manufacturer Vicaima, Visual Sensations provides a new collection and welcome addition to the popular Dekordor ®SD foils range. 

Designed to capture the essence of dramatic landscapes, bringing exterior colour and pattern to an interior environment, these wood look doors bring genuine innovation.

Dekordor Standard Duty (SD) finished foil has long been a preferred choice for specifiers, offering as it does, a consistent and economical door finish which is suitable for a multitude of applications from homes to offices, in both the new build and refurbishment sectors. Now Visual Sensations create a totally new and unique Vicaima design that sets these doors apart from other products on the market.

The Visual Sensations collection comprises 3 totally new and distinct timber grained tonal choices including, Glacier, Canyon and Forest. Each of these is available in a choice of designs comprising flush vertical and cross-directional woodgrain (CDW), plus CDW with a contrasting inlay effect.  All doors can be supplied with a range of performance specifications including fire rated, acoustic and security as specification demands.  To complete the theme, Vicaima are also able to supply as part of a matching doorset (door, Frame and architrave) plus matching wardrobes and door panels where required.

Dekordor® SD Visual Sensations can accommodate a wide selection of configuration possibilities to make make specification easy, with glazed options, pairs, over height dimensions, mobility widths and as part of door and frame kits and sets, to ensure that individual requirements can be appropriately satisfied. If you want to change your interior landscape then look to Visual Sensations for something different.


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