New Ibis Styles in Lisbon includes Vicaima doors


Vicaima interior doors are part of the Ibis Styles Lisboa Centro Marquês de Pombal project. The hotel includes several Portaro® solutions whose elegance combine with the refreshing décor of the development.

The features of the building match the white that fills the rooms and corridors, in a sober symbiosis. Comfortable, the development serves as a setting for a pleasant experience that combines functionality and aesthetics. The interior doors, in turn, have a modern and smooth look which helps create the ambiance of the hotel.

Dekordor® HD Colours White, Mushroom Brown and Garlic Grey yield the harmonious setting observed and felt within the hotel. White and grey add a sober element, emphasizing the distinction of the development, while Mushroom Brown generates a different mood, essentially appealing to nature. The interior doors reveal a lightness which reflects the best of contemporary aesthetics.

Dekordor® HD White 30 minute fire and 40dB acoustic doors were chosen for the entrance to the rooms and for the connecting rooms. The hotel also includes 30 minute fire doors and 60 minute fire doors in HD Brown Mushroom and Garlic Grey, and interior doors in HD White. Fire and acoustic doors ensure the privacy, well-being and integrity of the guests, respecting the contemporaneity of the project.

Vicaima fire doors are certified by accredited international bodies, guaranteeing the maximum safety of people and goods and respect for the normative and market requirements.


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