New Vicaima advertising campaign focused on people and environment


Once again Vicaima reveals a creative and audacious essence presenting the markets a new advertising campaign, enhancing its values of security, functionality, comfort and respect for life and nature, which characterise the brand's solutions.

All five advertisements of the campaign, which are bold and feature vivid and intense graphics, centre their values on the importance of people's lives, which are lived in well-being and tranquillity, and on the protection of their material assets, all of which are premised on a sustainable and eco-friendly spirit.

The advertising focuses on fire protection, acoustic and security solutions, tested and certified by international accredited laboratories, and on the Portaro® solution, a concept comprising door, frame and accessories in a single piece. All these products are available in a wide range of performances, designs and configurations suited to sectors such as housing, hotel, medical, education, amongst others.

The campaign culminates with the "Respect" advert, reflecting the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility, both of which are pillars of the Vicaima business.

In tandem, the five adverts restate the energy of the brand makes itself heard again after never having closed doors during this pandemic period, committing to continue to be a reference in the diverse markets where it operates.