Onomo Hotel Airport favours minimalism of Vicaima interior doors


Vicaima interior doors are part of yet another development on Moroccan soil. The Onomo Hotel Casablanca Airport included Vicama doors, where the minimalist design enhances the essence of the project.

Sophisticated and urban, the hotel's white and darker colours are reflected in an artistically exclusive, yet functional and comfortable setting. In line with the basic features of the hotel's design, the door elements are minimal and elegant. Onomo Hotel Casablanca Sidi Maarouf and Onomo Hotel Tanger Med are other Onomo Moroccan hotels supplied by Vicaima.

Several Portaro® solutions were installed, 30 minute fire and 41dB acoustic doors, single and double leaf 30 minute fire doors and single leaf Portaro® Traditional doors. The project also included 30 minute fire technical shafts.

All solutions were Dekordor® 3D Black, with the exception of Portaro® Traditional and some of the 30 minute fire doors which were Dekordor HD White finished.

Dekordor® 3D Black and Dekordor® HD White fill the straight lines of the doors, resulting in a refined and differentiated interior. Thus, the effect is versatile doors, suitable for an aesthetic variety of environments.

Portaro® solutions have recorded high demand in the international hotel sector, not only due to the rigour in the construction of the product, but also because of their proven certification and versatility in satisfying the decorative demands of the surroundings.


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