Portaro® EI30 AC45dB: the ideal solution for outstanding projects


This case study highlights the Vicaima Portaro® EI30 AC45dB and Portaro® EI30 AC45dB Inverse performance, which are integrated solutions combining door, frame and accessories in a single piece. The Inverse option features the door faced with the frame or panels, thus creating a contemporary look with straight and continuous surfaces. These solutions which guarantee fire resistance up to 30 minutes and acoustic insulation up to 45 decibels, are certified by accredited international organisations, and are also available in different designs and finishes.

The Portaro® EI30 AC45dB features a 54mm thick door, multi-layer acoustic interior and a dense plywood frame with adjustable thickness frames. The intumescent and acoustic profiles, CE-marked stainless steel accessories and sealing materials contribute to the high performance of the product.  Certified as fire-resistant according to European standards, EN 13501-2, and with acoustic insulation according to EN ISO 717-1, this product also features excellent thermal insulation properties with a U-Value of 1.2 W/(m2.ºC) in compliance with EN10077.

Offering different performances according to the sealing devices that can be adopted, the Swiss threshold or the drop seals enable different acoustic performances in the same product. The concealed accessories, hinges and automatic door door closer provide the product with a clean and sophisticated look.

The Portaro® EI30 AC45dB is available in a wide range of designs in the Essential, Exclusive and Classic lines, finishes in Naturdor® natural real wood veneer, with a matt or high gloss varnish, Dekordor® or Lacdor decorative coatings - lacquered in RAL colours. In addition, they are available with FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification, an organisation which promotes responsible forest management. The gallery below depicts some of the possible applications of these Portaro® solutions.


Innovation and Elegance in the Catalonia Group Projects: The Portaro® signature by Vicaima

The Vicaima brand was chosen to equip three recent projects of the Catalonia Group, with the highlight being the fitting of Portaro® EI30 AC45dB in all its facilities. These projects include the Catalonia Donosti Hotel, the Catalonia Santa Justa Hotel and the Catalonia Gran Vía Bilbao Hotel.

For the Catalonia Donosti Hotel, a former convent in San Sebastián, Vicaima supplied several Portaro® solutions, including Portaro® EI30 AC45dB for the room entrance. This four-star hotel, with panoramic views over La Concha beach, chose a RAL 9017 Lacquer finish, which blends in with the classic architecture and avant-garde design of the space.

The Catalonia Santa Justa Hotel, located in the Seville city centre, also selected Vicaima for its recent refurbishment and extension. The Portaro® EI30 AC45dB Fire and Acoustic solution was installed in the new rooms, providing elegance, privacy and security. The matt green lacquer, tailored for the project, inspires a chic setting throughout the hotel.

And finally, the Catalonia Gran Vía Bilbao Hotel stood out for the installation of several Vicaima solutions, including Portaro® EI30 AC45dB for the entrance of the 106 rooms. The RAL 7044 grey and RAL 8019 brown lacquer tones enhance the contemporary ambiance and reinforce its elegant style.

These three projects illustrate all the versatility and adaptability of Vicaima, managing to combine functionality, security and aesthetics, while responding to the specific requirements of each project.

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Sophistication and Exclusiveness at The Peninsula Paris Hotel

The Peninsula Paris Hotel, the first five-star property belonging to the Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels Group in Europe, chose Vicaima to equip its facilities.

Specifically designed and certified for this project, a Portaro® EI30 AC45dB fire and acoustic solution was developed, which was customised to the project. The doors installed here are flush and feature solid mouldings, made from acajou wood boasting a specific stain and high-gloss finish, inspired by the hotel’s design.

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Elegance and Charm at the Casa da Companhia Hotel

The Portaro® EI30 AC45dB Inverse by Vicaima was the preferred choice for the entrance doors of the rooms and suites of the Casa da Companhia Hotel. This constructive solution, presenting the door faced with panels, perfectly integrated the clean and simple design of the entire architecture and decoration of the space. This high-performance option provides security and comfort to users of this luxurious boutique hotel, located in one of the most immersive areas of the city of Porto.

or this project, a white lacquered finish was chosen, promoting a minimalist and contemporary environment which guides the entire architecture and decoration of the space.


Comfort, Security and Modernity at the EXMO. Hotel

For the room entrances of the EXMO. Hotel, the choice also went for the use of the Portaro® 30-minute fire-resistant and 45dB acoustic Inverse solution, which features a door faced by the fittings. This project involved the challenge of adapting the constructive solutions to a completely renovated historical building. The warm character of the spaces, the decoration, the colour and the subtle surroundings are enriched by the Vicaima solutions.

For the setting with a privileged view overlooking the Douro River, the finish was Grey White Lacquer, a versatile shade which fits both classic and contemporary decors, providing a clean environment, full of modernity with notes of colour on the walls and ornamental elements.

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Luxury and Tradition at the Pestana Porto - A Brasileira

The Pestana Porto - A Brasileira Hotel is the perfect meeting point between luxury and tradition.

For this prestigious project, the brand developed different products, including for the room entrances with Portaro® Inverse fire resistant for 30 minutes and acoustic rating up to 45dB, faced with the panels on the exterior and interior of the rooms.

The tones were chosen to maintain the sobriety and luxury of the spaces, with natural real wood veneer solutions with a Toffee Brown stain predominantly requested. These recall the most typical tones of the coffee bean, cocoa and the most conventional spices, in a project in which the thematic floors are inspired by the spices that were imported during the Portuguese maritime expansion.

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Adaptation to the tech-savvy segment at the Sana Evolution

Innovative in concept and focused on the tech-savvy segment, the Sana Evolution Lisbon Hotel is equipped with Vicaima doors in the rooms and common areas. The entrance to the rooms was fitted with this high performance technical solution, the Portaro® EI30 AC45dB. The selected finishes, black lacquered and white lacquered, perfectly merge with the vanguardist decor of this four-star hotel.

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From this case study, it is possible to understand the versatility and adaptability of this Vicaima Solution, which combines functionality, security and aesthetics, thus fulfilling the specific needs of each project.


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