Portaro® Security RC2 EI45 AC45db: a multiperformance option for outstanding performance


This case study highlights the multiple performances of Portaro® Security RC2 EI45 AC45dB, a high-performance technical solution that ensures, in a single product, an RC2 intrusion resistance class, excellent thermal insulation capacity (UD: 1.17 W/(m2.ºC)), high performance in terms of fire resistance up to 45 minutes and acoustic insulation up to 45 decibels, and it is certified by accredited international organisations.

This solution integrates a 54 mm thick RC2 security door, with a multilayered interior and an RC2 security frame in dense plywood with architraves adjustable to the thickness. The intumescent and acoustic profiles, hinges and three-point security lock with CE marking and sealing materials are some of the properties which ensure the high performance of the product.

This product is certified as fire-resistant in compliance with European standard EN 13501-2 and acoustic insulation in line with standard EN ISO 717-1. It also has security certification in accordance with standard EN 1627 and excellent thermal insulation characteristics as per the standard EN 10077.

Designed for the entrance to apartments and offices, this is a ready-to-install solution, combining door, frame and accessories in a single piece.  It is available in the Essential, Exclusive and Classic lines and offers a wide range of design options. The finishes range from Naturdor® natural wood veneers to Dekordor® decorative finishes and lacquers in RAL - Lacdor colours. Each option is conceived to enhance the details of any space, working in perfect harmony with existing decorative elements.

Energy efficiency and acoustic insulation in homes are two decisive construction requirements. It is on this basis that the Portaro® Security RC2 guarantees high thermal performance and is available with FSC® certification (Forest Stewardship Council®), the organisation which promotes responsible forest management.

Discover below some of the projects that have benefited from the different features of this solution.


Panorâmico Nascente: colour and texture create the RC2 Security Portaro® design

Among a diverse range of solutions adapted to the spaces and functionalities required, the entrance to the Panorâmico Nascente residential building apartments is equipped with the Portaro® Security RC2 EI45 AC45dB.

Given its multiple performances and excellent thermal insulation capacity, this is a solution which meets the high demands of this distinctive project, located in a prestigious area of Oporto.

At the Panorâmico Nascente, this product is paired with a white lacquered finish on the exterior, combined with natural oak veneer on the interior, thus emphasising the visual harmony amongst all the elements and the sophisticated essence of the project.

With spaces combining amplitude and light dynamics, the different Vicaima solutions incorporated mark the difference in a striking symbiosis of performance and aesthetics.

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Security combined with architectural features in the luxurious Essenza Condominium

Vicaima decisively contributed to the luxurious character of Essenza, a designer project boasting a privileged location overlooking the Parque da Cidade do Porto, which was elected one of the eight most beautiful buildings in the world according to the International Building Beauty Award 2022.

The only residential development on the shortlist for the award promoted by the World Architecture Festival, every single one of the sophisticated residences was equipped with a Portaro® RC2 Security that was customised to the project, providing a total sense of tranquillity and well-being.

For the interior finish of the entrance doors, White Lacquer was chosen, which perfectly harmonises with the sober and distinguished ambiance of the properties, while on the exterior the choice was Naturdor® Oak, characterised by its natural wood veneer and vein configuration.


Thermal comfort as a priority in the residential sector demonstrated at Grand Huit Nyon

An established presence in international reference projects, Vicaima has reaffirmed its leading position in the residential sector by supplying high-performance interior and security doors at the Grand Huit Nyon project, which is located in the heart of the Swiss city. Comprising almost 100 apartments, this development stands out for its striking architecture, which has an impact on the thousands of people who travel through the neighbourhood every day.

As you walk through the interior of the building, the highlight is the entrance door to the apartments, a multi-performance technical solution, approved for the Swiss market and customised to the project, which includes the Portaro® Security RC2.

A proposal enriched by the diversity of customised coatings and finishes which include real wood veneer with Naturdor® Stained Okumé veneer in russet colour on the exterior and Lacdor RAL 7047 grey lacquer on the interior.

As a key factor in a location with very low temperatures, this solution also provides a high thermal coefficient which significantly impacts on energy savings and building insulation, thereby contributing to an environmentally responsible construction.

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