Portaro® Security RC2 EI45 AC45dB guarantees high performance in the Panorâmico Nascente housing development


Vicaima was the chosen brand to equip the Panorâmico Nascente housing development in Oporto, featuring several Portaro® solutions, wardrobes and panels, which complemented the architectural lines of this contemporary project. In a set of colours and textures where white and real oak wood veneer are predominant, Vicaima products have made a difference with spaces that combine amplitude and light dynamics.

The interior of the building reveals a careful selection of products that guarantees high efficiency in the spaces. The entrance of the apartments is fitted with one of Vicaima's recent and most requested solutions - Portaro® Security RC2 EI45 AC45dB - a multi-performance, certified product, with intrusion resistance, 45 minute fire resistance and with 45dB acoustic insulation. With an outstanding thermal insulation capacity (UD: 1.17 W/(m2.ºC), this product has a significant impact on energy efficiency and building insulation, thereby contributing to a more eco-friendly construction.

On the other hand, the modern and minimalist interiors, integrate a varied range of solutions tailored to the specific spaces and functionalities required. Portaro® Inverse, in line with the architrave, was applied where the aim was to create an ample effect, using continuous plans; whereas the Portaro® Sliding was applied in locations where space optimisation was essential. The white lacquered finish, in its turn, enhanced the visual harmony between all elements and the sophisticated essence of the project.

Also part of the project were Vicaima Wardrobes with sliding doors and customised interiors, as well as cupboard doors that were designed for the hallways.

To ensure the maximum security of the building, the common areas were also furnished with the Portaro® 30 minute fire resistance (EI30).

With its integrated offer for the housing market, comprising security doors, fire doors, acoustic doors, various configurations of interior doors, wardrobes or wall panels, Vicaima further strengthens its expertise in product development for innovation, safety and design, with constant respect for the environment.


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