Portaro® solutions provide quality performance at S. Bento Residences


Vicaima wood doors were selected to equip the new S. Bento Residences hotel development, located near S. Bento Railway Station, in Porto. Optimising space, creating continuous plans and providing security and comfort is the objective of the installation of the several Portaro® solutions integrating the project. Nominated for the National Urban Rehabilitation Awards, the residences are "a prime example of urban rehabilitation, because their construction leads to the start of the reconstruction of an important urban area, destructed over half a century ago, regarded from a non-nostalgic point of view, as a renovation of the city", refers  the organisation.

The interiors feature contemporary, geometric or homogeneous elements, varying from warm to cool colours, thus emphasizing the modern and straight lines of the project. The space reveals dynamism in design and, with the aid of the natural light, a unique environment.

Various Portaro® solutions were included in the project and these represent key elements in the décor. Of particular relevance are the Inverse doors, with several performances – FD30 41dB, FD30 and non-fire – which enabled continuous planes to be created between doors and panels, providing ample and modern interiors, in line with the most recent architectural trends.

The project further added the single leaf Portaro® FD30 40dB to the other fire and acoustic applications, granting security and comfort to guests in the event of fire, by preventing or retarding the propagation of fire or smoke. With regard to protection against high noise levels, the solutions comply with all legal, normative and social requirements in this field, thereby ensuring that rooms have a very pleasant atmosphere.

The Portaro® sliding door solution by Vicaima, also one of the options chosen, offers space optimisation and a visual amplitude, which complements the unique and welcoming ambience of this hotel project. Additionally, wardrobes, panels and skirting were also included.

The doors fitted in the project are marked by intense lines making the residences distinguished places, where guests experience a symbiosis with the spaces. 

Vicaima has a vast range of interior doors for the hotel sector - fire doors, acoustic doors and security doors - which have earned renowned quality and design, leading the brand to be one of Europe's largest interior door manufacturers. Vicaima technical doors are certified according to regulations and are confirmed by tests carried out by accredited and independent laboratories.


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