Renovated historical building with Vicaima doors


Vicaima interior doors are heightened in the Pousada Vila de Óbidos - Casa do Lidador, which renovated the building where the first pousada located in national territory began. The plain modern doors, blend in with the décor of the hotel located within the walls of the beautiful medieval Portuguese village.

Renovated by the Pestana Pousadas de Portugal Group, the building hosted the first pousada in Portugal since 1940. Designated as an "educational hotel" at the time, it was an important prototype for the versions of hotels of that time in terms of architecture, decoration or service.

The interiors interact with the smooth and contemporary lines of the development and the modern lines blend harmoniously with the more traditional elements. The pousada is comfortable and welcoming, while the aesthetics of the rooms make it a differentiated space.

The Portaro® solutions used in the design include 30 minute fire doors, interior doors and face sliding doors, in a bordeaux colour RAL 3003 finish. The doors with minimalist lines denote contemporaneity and subtlety.

The rigorous certification of Vicaima wooden doors is proved by tests carried out by accredited entities, providing safety and comfort to the guests visiting the unit.


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