Spotlight on the white collection: Vicaima’s timeless approach to door design


Vicaima, a leading European designer and producer of avant-garde interior door solutions, brings into focus its enduring "White Collection." This established range continues to blend simplicity with elegance, offering a timeless choice in door design.

The Versatility of White:

The "White Collection" transcends traditional boundaries, offering a diverse palette of white shades and textures.
This collection not only revitalises contemporary spaces but also introduces a spectrum of design possibilities. The versatility of white as a colour is explored, revealing its capability to create different moods and aesthetics.


Sustainability and Innovation:

Vicaima continues to uphold its commitment to environmental responsibility. The "White Collection" aligns with the company’s ISO 14001 and FSC® certifications, incorporating renewable and certified forest resources in its design.


Flexibility and Customisation:

What sets Vicaima apart is its ability to offer tailored solutions. The collection allows for a high degree of customisation.
Doors can be enhanced with decorative grooves and inlays, and can also meet various functional requirements, such as fire resistance and thermal insulation, without sacrificing design integrity.


The "White Collection" remains a cornerstone in Vicaima’s portfolio, reinforcing its commitment to delivering products that harmonise aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.
This enduring range is a vivid example of how Vicaima continues to set industry standards while maintaining its commitment to environmental stewardship.


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*Originally published at Showhome magazine.