Student residence equipped with Vicaima Interior Doors


Renowned for its expertise in solutions developed over the years, Vicaima was selected to equip the recent Livensa Living Porto Campus project, a students' residence located in Paranhos, in Porto city.

The project attributed different looks to the several parts of the building, which is sophisticated but also informal. This resulted in contemporary design combined with colour, casualness and urban art.

The Portaro® interior door range includes sets of door, frame and accessories. Four different solutions from the range are present in the project. The room entrances feature 30 minute fire and 33dB acoustic doors which provide the spaces with the simplicity of their lines. The auditoriums are equipped with double leaf doors. The elegant sliding doors of the private bathrooms enhance the distinction of the rooms, whilst the 30 minute double leaf fire doors in the kitchen are in line with the contemporary design of the space, which is both spacious and luminous. The Dekordor® HD Brown Mushroom in the four solutions is also used for the skirting, thereby creating a sober ambiance and ensuring a pleasant and comfortable setting.

Certified according to the standards, evidenced by tests performed by accredited and independent laboratories, Portaro® technical solutions are guaranteed, focusing on the integrity of lives and goods.

The Portaro® fire and acoustic solutions range has registered a high demand due to the rigorous construction of the product, proved by the certification and versatility in meeting the decorative requirements of the environments.


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