The ideal combination: Vicaima and Design


Inspiring proposals in keeping with the latest design and unique tones. This is a constant focus at Vicaima, one of Europe's leading players in the design and production of avant-garde solutions for doors, frames, wardrobes and panels, which blend in with the décor trends set in a year that is directed to comfort, sustainability and positivism.

From these values, arise combinations of warm and natural textures, with rustic and comforting elements, capable of dictating a feeling of perfect harmony and order in any environment, with a decoration scheme that combines well-being, completeness and elegance.


Constancy of wood

Wood contributes to a feeling of well-being and tranquillity, and remains the chosen material to create a link between various elements making up the overall decoration of a space, from individual materials to the colours that constitute it. Its majestic nature and timelessness create a concept of comfort in any environment.

Vicaima’s, attention to this trend, that values wood in its most natural state, introduces an inspiring collection of wooden doors, which make the perfect and harmonious fusion between rustic and modern environments. The authenticity of Naturdor® Heritage Oak reinforces the connection to nature with its irregular effects that appeal to the senses and embrace a true love for random wood patterns.

In an avant-garde aspect and in anticipation of decoration trends, Vicaima also offers a new range of Naturdor® Stained Extra coatings, specially designed for professionals looking for a different perspective to enrich the interiors of their projects. Warm Umber, Dark Taupe and Charcoal Brown are the new trend tones, characterized by the essence of natural ash veneers, coupled with a striking and contemporary streaked vein effect and finished with a matt semi-translucent stain.


Comfort combined with safety and respect for the environment

The growing concern with the comfort, design and sustainability of materials is directly reflected in trends for interior decoration and architecture, favouring solutions that transmit safety while respecting the environment. Vicaima continues to invest in this feeling of well-being, while maintaining visual exclusivity. This is represented in its wide range of Portaro® solutions based on excellent performance in terms of safety, fire resistance or sound insulation. In addition to this and with a constant focus on developing solutions that contribute towards a more sustainable construction, Vicaima also provides various specific products with associated thermal values, which ensure excellent levels of thermal transmission coefficient and contribute to the consequent energy saving of spaces and buildings.

All Portaro® solutions developed by Vicaima are available with FSC® certification, an entity that ensures that the raw materials come from responsibly managed forests.


Illuminating and Ultimate Grey are the shades currently in highlight

Once again, Pantone surprised by naming two colours as shades of the year: Illuminating, a vibrant yellow, and Ultimate Grey, a light grey. These two distinct colours come together to express a message of strength and long-lasting and uplifting expectation. The two tones are in perfect harmony with the varied colour palette of Vicaima's range of finishes, Dekordor® HD Colours, capable of integrating more formal décors and adding subtle tones, or even giving a touch of vibrancy to the interior, giving a positive mood to space.


Irreverence and elegance in each room

Art pieces, industrial design, natural elements and graphic arts are some of the decoration proposals that mark the current year in conjunction with elegant, luxurious or minimalist means they appeal to a timeless style.

The incorporation of a differentiating component that creates a space where design and creativity prevail can be essential in a contemporary decoration. Vicaima's MATCH panels provide versatility with a unique touch in hotel projects, commercial areas or offices, furniture industry or exhibitors.

It is to the rhythm of colours, nature and impactful solutions that Vicaima leads the sector to the human spirit and the valuing of positivity. In order to continue to be an innovative company with solutions adapted to each segment, be it hotel, housing, hospital or services, the company works constantly with a view to creating new products, ideas and new customized designs, aligned to the different demands of the various markets in which it operates.