Vicaima Celebrates World Nature Conservation Day


World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated on July 28th each year and was created in 1998 by the UN General Assembly to raise awareness about the existing problems in nature and the urgent need to conserve and protect it.

Current society is increasingly demanding in terms of ethics and ecological awareness and has recognised sustainability as a key word in contemporary culture. Throughout its professional activity, Vicaima stands out as a responsible and attentive manufacturer, promoting the use of technologies, processes and raw materials which minimise environmental impact, bearing in mind a more sustainable future.

The company has been implementing a wide range of eco-friendly actions over the years. It holds FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification since 2005, ensuring that the course of raw materials, from the forest to the final consumer, is made in a responsible manner and without putting forests at risk, in compliance with the European Wood Regulation - EUTR and is certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001, but not only. The brand focuses on the future of technology and the planet simultaneously: it promotes the use of renewable energy, with the installation of a photovoltaic plant to produce electricity and in parallel using external energy that is 100% Green, produced entirely from renewable sources. It further promotes good practices with the reuse and recycling of wood waste for the production of thermal energy or for transforming wood-based materials such as particleboard or MDF, it stimulates internal awareness campaigns that encourage "green" attitudes and it continuously invests in the improvement of the performance of its products to achieve better thermal insulation results. Additionally, Vicaima has been granted the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the fire and acoustic solution EI30 AC41dB. The EPD provides quantitative information on the environmental impacts of a product throughout its Life Cycle and influences the obtaining of credits in environmental certification programmes for buildings, such as LEED or BREEAM.

Following the principles of an ethical respect for the planet and its resources, Vicaima is committed to placing all its resources at the service of a more sustainable future, by continuously updating its practices so as to contribute further and better to the challenges that are faced today by all of society.