Vicaima contributes to the charming essence of the Casa da Companhia Hotel


With a vast portfolio in the cosmopolitan and modern city centre of Porto, Vicaima was the brand elected to complement the recently opened luxury boutique Hotel Casa da Companhia.

For the entrance doors of the thirty rooms and ten suites comprising the hotel property, several units of the Vicaima Portaro® EI30 AC45dB Inverse were fitted - a combination comprising door, frame and accessories in a single piece - the Inverse solution enabling doors to be integrated and faced with wall or panels, thereby producing continuous and personalised plans to create more harmonious ambiences.

This highly elegant and functional solution has a guaranteed fire performance up to 30 minutes and acoustic isolation up to 45dB, all of which are certified by international accredited entities, providing a secure, calm and perfectly relaxing experience to all guests of the hotel.

With regard to the finish, within Vicaima’s broad range of options, the choice settled on Lacdor White, which conveys a minimalist and contemporary setting, harmonising with the clean and sober design which guides the entire architecture and decoration of the space.

The five-star development, located in the prestigious Rua das Flores, maintains the historical features of the secular building, by preserving the vaulted ceilings and the original stones,  creating a symbiosis with the aesthetic and functional character of Vicaima.

The Casa da Companhia Hotel thus reinforces the brand’s extensive and diversified portfolio of projects in the sector, comprising differentiated solutions which are adapted to the different challenges and requirements in terms of aesthetics, security and functionality of the numerous developments.

Recognised for its technical performance and aesthetic appeal, Vicaima is also committed to its sustainability values. Hence, all these solutions are available with FSC® certification, an entity which promotes responsible forest management.


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