Vicaima Doors integrate Monte de Caparica Secondary School


Highly experienced in the school sector, Vicaima delivers solutions adapted to the different spaces

Vicaima, a leading European player in the design and production of avant-garde solutions for doors, frames, wardrobes, panels and furniture items, made its mark based on high performance, resistance and aesthetics at the Monte de Caparica Secondary School, in Almada. The project is based essentially on the renovation of the existing spaces, by readjusting the interior area according to the school’s curricular offer, security regulations and respective accessibilities.

This project was carried out by Parque Escolar E.P.E., the entity in charge of the planning, management, development and execution of the programme for modernising the public network of secondary schools and others run by the Education Ministry. Therefore, in this development, the prime concern was to provide facilities which are comfortable and resistant to intensive use, whilst simultaneously allowing great mobility for all users: students, teachers and staff. Vicaima doors fully contributed to create a contemporary building, where security and functionality were key requirements.

To equip the classrooms, auditoriums, corridors, laboratories, bathrooms and changing rooms, along with the study rooms and other common areas of the Monte de Caparica Secondary School, several Portaro® solutions were applied – which includes door, frame and accessories in a single piece - providing 30 minute fire resistance, as well as Portaro® Fire and Acoustic with 32dB and 41dB performances, all certified and accredited by international entities. In the specific case of the classrooms, the choice went for the Portaro® with glazing, bringing greater amplitude and luminosity to the areas. The Portaro® and Portaro® Sliding were also selected for the project, as they confer versatility and optimisation to the surrounding areas.

As regards coatings and finishes, Dekordor® HD Dark Grey is predominant, this being a highly resistant laminate standing out for its modern aspect and tone.

With this project, the Monte de Caparica Secondary School is added to Vicaima’s vast portfolio which demonstrates its expertise in the school sector. The high performance technical options by Vicaima satisfy the multiple requirements of the school establishments, which range from upgrading the infrastructures to the optimising the installed resources and ensuring their continued maintenance.


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