Vicaima equips University accommodation


Livensa Living Porto Boavista ensures comfort and security to its residents

Vicaima, a major European player in the design and production of avant-garde solutions for doors, frames, wardrobes and panels, included its signature at the Livensa Living Porto Boavista, a university student accommodation, offering distinctive leisure, comfort and daily life conditions to its residents. The accommodation, located in Porto, meets relevant security and acoustic criteria using Vicaima doors and offers quality rooms and common areas, such as an interior living room, heated swimming pool, library, exterior terrace or gym.

Vicaima. the space and the residents'needs

For this development, a series of Portaro® solutions were applied - an integrated ready-to-install solution comprising door, frame and accessories, Portaro® Inverse - an interior door integrated into full wall-width panels, creating continuous planes, and also the Portaro® Sliding door, as a way of optimising areas and facilitating circulation between spaces.

Security and acoustic insulation were major concerns in this project. Among the many technical performances, it is worth highlighting the fire and acoustic solutions EI30 AC33dB, AC38dB Inverse and AC41dB. As regards fire resistance, the focus is on the EI30 and EI45 Inverse.

In terms of finishes, so as to guarantee the symbiosis between spaces and the clean and bold surroundings of this project, the option fell on the Dekordor® HD finish, with the Volcanic Grey colour. This choice is inspired on the idea of providing modern yet sober spaces, adding a distinctive touch to the interior with this high physical and chemical resistance laminate. Recommended for places subject to intensive use, this type of finish is also an added value in school, hotel, medical, office or even commercial projects.

The Vicaima solutions applied at the Livensa Living Boavista are present at the bedroom entrances, social areas, corridors, auditoriums, technical areas and common areas of the accommodations.


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