Vicaima in perfect symbiosis with Decor trends


Whilst in 2019 modern colours and vibrant environments were highlighted among the major decoration trends, 2020 hushes other secrets to us, remitting us to inspirations wrapped in freshness and lightness. As national leader and one of the major European players in the production of sophisticated interior door solutions, Vicaima shares the curiosities and novelties that are now taking hold at the start of this new decade. 

Nature takes centre stage, integrated in a setting that blends multiple functionalities and disruptive patterns. Handmade and natural materials add vibration to spaces, evoking modern and sustainable appeal, and are highly appreciated by professionals in the sector.


The Magic and Fascination for Nature

The nobility of wood comes and goes in the world of interiors and is assuming the present moment. In a clear way, Vicaima, in line with the latest trends in the use of this natural element, is offering this organic relationship with the environment through the new Naturdor® Heritage finish, reflecting nature in its purest and most genuine form.

In addition to this offer, other proposals are not overlooked, where this material is a component. We are talking about Deep Textured, a finish which represents the touch and authenticity of natural wood, and is available in a selection of real wood veneers from the Naturdor® and Naturdor® Stained range.

At its best, nature credits the most peculiar beauty to interiors, with looks, shades and textures that appear to be reaped from the natural environment into the home. For Vicaima, this bond with nature gains ground through solutions available with Forest Stewardship Council® certification (FSC®), as a pioneering achiever in the sector in Portugal.


Monochromatic spaces contrast with "visual noise"

Additionally, this new season calls for less noise and more comfort, which is why we suggest monochromatic spaces as the new poetry of places. These are visually attractive places which enhance single tones or soft variations of them. Doors breathe and drive this trend, using, for example, Portaro® Inverse by Vicaima, integrated with panels in the same tone. By linking the colour of the door with the setting in which it is integrated, it confers authenticity and a sense of mastery to the space, thus providing coherency as a whole.


Tone trend for 2020 emphasised in the Vicaima palette

Aiming to have an effect on sensations such as tranquillity, confidence and connectivity, Classic Blue is the colour selected by Pantone for 2020. More than just connecting settings, this shade reflects emotions, where serenity prevails. This tone perfectly combines with Vicaima's Dekordor® HD colours, high resistance finishes, supported by the continuous updating of design and interior architecture trends.


Hotel surroundings increasingly intimate

Increasingly, this highly globalised society is appealing to the design and customisation of spaces, making it imperative for them to be eye-catching, and at the same time beautiful and comfortable.

Striking places that reward personalisation and hospitality are attracting millennials more and more. This generation seeks instagrammable ambiances, which are easily accomplished with MATCH panels by Vicaima. These are tailor made solutions suited for hospitality, leaving all spaces wrapped in uniqueness. The brand is widely known in this sector and invests in patterns with striking textures to emphasise the versatility of its offer. 

Vicaima continuously works to meet the demands of the different markets in which it operates, be it hotels, housing or services, providing unique solutions that privilege both a modern and elegant style. The greatest challenges of 2020 are, undoubtedly, the implementation of sustainable practices, combined with the most modern decor trends.