Vicaima Match mirrors the exclusivity of Caju Le Petit Hotel


Customised doors and panels comprise the minimalist, urban and cosy ambiance of the hotel, decorated by the Studio of the undeniable Nini Andrade Silva.

Vicaima, an important international player in designing and manufacturing solutions for the hotel sector, was the selected brand to be integrated in the Caju Le Petit Hotel, a project marked by an exclusive design, but also very cosy, located in the heart of the city of Funchal, Madeira. This emblematic project, a member of the Divine Hotels Collection group, reflects architectural elements that recall the past, confirming the courage and the pulse of the present, where customised door and panel solutions designed under the Vicaima MATCH concept contributed to this journey in time.

Comfort, modernity and spirit is the triad that defines this new hotel unit, stamped with urban minimalism, signed by Nini Andrade Silva, who is internationally acknowledged as one of the most appraised interior designers in the world.

For the room entrances and the suite of Caju Le Petit Hotel, the Portaro® Inverse EI30 AC41dB with 30 minute fire resistance and acoustic isolation up to 41db was chosen. This product is adequate for installation in places where fire resistance and acoustic isolation requirements are preponderant.

The entire space is surrounded by the striking contrast between concrete and secular stones, all carefully preserved, as well as by the finish of all the Vicaima elements, specifically developed for the project, featuring a concrete look. The latter is the result of the application of Vicaima MATCH solutions, which resorts to innovating production technologies, thus enabling customised reproduction of different materials, patterns and textures. The balance found in these different elements: doors, frames, wall panels and technical shafts all confer an authentic and exclusive identity to the hotel.

As for the common areas, the preference was once again for the Portaro® Inverse solution, a concept which enhances and combines with the trends of modern architecture, as it permits the integration of the door with the panels, thereby creating continuous and harmonious plans. The selected technical options for the Le Petit Hotel Caju provide comfort and safety to the decorative demands of a dynamic, stripped-down style, where comfort prevails.  

Vicaima again restates its expertise and know-how, with its customised solutions, contributing to the evolution of the hotel sector, not disregarding other sectors in which it acts, namely residential, medical and/or services.


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