Vicaima partners with BIMobjects and makes dozens of BIM solutions available


Vicaima has made several Portaro® solutions available to specifiers at the leading digital platform for BIM (Building Information Modeling) content, with various performance options, models and finishes

Vicaima, one of the major European players in the design and production of vanguard solutions for doors, frames, wardrobes and panels, closely aligned with the digitalisation theme, provides dozens of BIM objects of Portaro® solutions, which include door, frame and accessories.

Also featured in Vicaima’s BIM Library, these objects, with a wide range of different performance options, models and finishes, aim to enable specifiers to both simulate and specify the brand’s solutions in their digital projects.

For Vicaima, BIM technology has led to a substantial upgrade in construction and architectural projects around the world. As such, the brand continuously seeks to contribute to a wider range of options for specifiers, assisting them to increase their expertise and to grasp all the inherent technology at the genesis of all Vicaima products.

BIMobjects and the digitalisation of the construction industry

The mission of BIMobjects is to digitalise the construction market for a more sustainable future, establishing itself as a global marketplace for the construction industry offering specifiers the information and inspiration needed to shape buildings in a faster, smarter and more sustainable way.

BIM technology makes the entire planning and design phase more efficient, minimising the probability of problems occurring after the construction work, and without overlooking the sustainability aspect of all projects.

Vicaima BIM solutions

The BIM objects provided by Vicaima, both in Archicad and Revit, enable users to simulate and specify Vicaima solutions, in their digital projects, which include interior doors, 30 and 60 minute fire doors, acoustic fire doors up to 45 decibels and security doors, which can have single and double leaf configurations, as well as glazed options, and are also available in all types of models and finishes.