Vicaima Portaro® Inverse in highlight in the hotel sector


Bessa Baixa Hotel integrated customised solutions, based on high performance, which offer high comfort, safety and design levels.

Vicaima was the chosen brand of doors to be integrated in Bessa Hotel Baixa, a new hotel development, located right in the heart of the city of Oporto, marked by its genesis, modern design and vintage decorative details, in which the fire and acoustic solutions of the brand were used to meet the demands of the building.

Bessa Baixa Hotel, signed by designer, Nini Andrade Silva, who has an extensive range of projects in Portugal and abroad, reflects, in its interior, the up-to-dateness and design of a unique building, where Vicaima solutions include doors and panels with exclusive finishes, combining functionality with vanguard design and help to enhance the sophisticated and emblematic essence of the space.

To bring a contemporary look to Bessa Hotel Baixa, the Portaro® Inverse solution was elected for the room entrances, a configuration which enables the door to be faced with the frame, thus creating continuous plans that extend throughout the hotel corridors.

To grant the intended high levels of comfort and safety for the project, several technical performances were selected, including the Portaro® Inverse FD30, with acoustic insulation up to 45 decibels (FD30 AC45dB), along with the door and frame solutions with 30 minute fire resistance (Portaro® FD30), which integrated the common areas of the hotel.

All the Vicaima products which were designed to fit the project's theme - doors, frames, panels, window panels and skirtings - boast an exclusive finish resulting from a customised industrial process which recreates a copper look and design, enhancing the authentic, cosmopolitan and welcoming look of the project.

It should be noted that the Portaro® Inverse solutions are widely sought by professionals in the hotel sector, who value their visual potential and their versatile configuration - door facing the frame or into full wall-width panels - together with their technical completeness, as they offer a wide range solutions, from fire resistance, fire resistance and acoustic, to non-fire.

Acknowledged by professionals in the sector for its pioneering vision and keenness to address challenging demands, Vicaima restates the success of its commitment to the hotel sector, by providing Bessa Hotel Baixa with tailor-made solutions designed to endow the ambiance with harmony and well-being in the most diverse areas.


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