Vicaima sets charm in downtown Porto hotel


Located in the historic centre of Porto, this hotel project by the Accor Group is the result of the rehabilitation of an emblematic building, where Vicaima doors were selected to provide a contemporary and urban atmosphere to its interiors.

The contemporary lines and colours of the Portaro® solutions offer the space an urban and sophisticated ambience, which in turn reveals contemporary features and a sense of relaxation and elegance. The interaction between shades and design adds a vibrant and dynamic feel, thus surprising its guests.

The Ibis Porto Center Mercado do Bolhão included several Portaro® solutions matching the specifications and refinement envisaged for the project: the room entrances were equipped with 30 minute fire doors with 40dB acoustic insulation and the interiors with sliding doors and connecting 32dB acoustic doors. The circulation corridors, technical areas and common areas, in turn, integrated non-fire, acoustic and 30 minute fire doors.  The technical solutions, attested by accredited entities, effectively guarantee that fire and smoke propagation between rooms is prevented or retarded, ensuring comfort and tranquillity in terms of acoustics in the rooms and complying with the increasing legal, regulatory and social requirements in this field.

In a contemporary and distinctive note, this project incorporated Dekordor® HD Colours in grey and white, a highly resistant laminate that is suitable for locations subject to intensive use.

At Ibis Porto Center Mercado do Bolhão, Vicaima provides Fire and acoustic doors, fire doors, non-fire doors, acoustic connecting doors and sliding doors thus proving the quality of the product and asserting its commitment to the hotel sector.


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