Vicaima Solutions at the Hotel & SPA Residencia Puerto - Tarifa


Development equipped with Vicaima doors, tailored to the project.

Vicaima, a major European player in the design and manufacture of vanguard solutions for doors, frames, wardrobes and panels, was assigned the task of fitting the Hotel & Spa La Residencia Puerto, located at the most southern point of Europe, in Tarifa (Spain). Offering facilities for a unique comfort and relaxing experience, the complex has a spa, sauna and rooftop with heated outdoor swimming pool, as well as a restaurant, a variety of different room types and a permanent service team.

The four-star development reopened, in April, equipped with Portaro® solutions in the access to the corridors, rooms and common areas.  From the wide range of options available, the hotel unit included the Portaro®, Portaro® Fire Door 30 minutes and Acoustic 40 and 42 dB, and Portaro® Fire Door 60 minutes. Besides maximum security in places where fire resistance is required, these features also contribute to creating an environment of supreme privacy and tranquillity, through the sound insulation provided by their excellent acoustic performance.

Dekordor® HD finishes, in the "cement-like" option, tailored to the project, enhance this connection and refinement between the different settings of the Hotel & Spa La Residencia Puerto, which are inspired in a Moroccan style and natural tones. Highly resistant to impact and of easy maintenance, this range of finishes, combined with the exclusive features of the hotel, creates a unique atmosphere for leisure and equally distinctive due to its bold, welcoming and contemporary feel.

To ensure maximum comfort and security for guests and visitors to the Hotel & Spa La Residencia Puerto - Tarifa, all solutions with associated fire and acoustic performances are certified by international accredited entities.

Vicaima's commitment to the hotel sector is clearly evident in its constant concern with sustainability, considering that it was the first Portuguese company in the sector to achieve FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification, aimed at promoting the responsible management of forests worldwide.


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