Vicaima solutions enhance the deluxe concept of the Arthaus Condominiums project


The company strengthens its foothold in the North American market with a new residential project

Located in one of the most prestigious and culturally dynamic regions of the City of Philadelphia, in the United States of America, the Arthaus Condominiums chose Vicaima solutions for the doors of the flats of the prestigious building. The 47-storey residential building is comprised of a multitude of luxurious appartments and unique services, including a library, a common terrace and an innovative rooftop glass greenhouse.

The focus on detail and the subtle elegant lines of the Vicaima doors, enriched with a groove customised to the project, instantly appeal to any resident or visitor, given that the choice of light shades is favoured by the abundant natural light provided by the large windows and the high ceilings. These characteristics are one of the differentiating factors of this distinctive set of appartments which equally reflects its concern with social and environmental responsibility, as the incorporated Vicaima solution is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified, an entity which promotes responsible forest management.

As an imposing architectural landmark located in the city centre, this development stands out amongst the others for its vanguard features and for incorporating in its conceptual root Bauhaus inspiration.

The choice of the brand’s products for integration in a new luxury project reinforces its already vast portfolio which excels in terms of high quality standards, necessary for supplying distinct sectors such as residential, healthcare or commercial areas.

As one of the major European players in the design and production of avant-garde solutions for interior doors, technical doors, frames, wardrobes, panels and furniture pieces, Vicaima finds in the United States, with an increasingly fast-growing construction sector for the most varied purposes, a market with great potential for the presence of the brand.


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