Vicaima Solutions respond to hospital projects at a crucial present time


Company active in healthcare projects granting high levels of safety to users and health professionals in the combat against the pandemic

Vicaima has developed, over the years and also recently, a varied range of hospital solutions, acting as a key player in this sector of the market, particularly at this critical moment regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this context, the brand was selected to promptly respond to projects in the healthcare area, by supplying products from its medical range, which include various technical solutions such as Portaro ® (ready to install door and frame) and more, such as panels. The applied solutions contributed to creating security and mobility conditions for patients and healthcare professionals.

Among the supplied projects, in Northern Portugal, the recently inaugurated Intensive Care wing of the Pedro Hispano Hospital in Matosinhos, was fitted with fire resistant wall panels. These panels, indicated for locations where fire resistance is a major factor, have a Dekordor® HD finish, which is a continuous pressure laminate with high physical and chemical endurance.

In Madeira Island, Funchal, a wide choice from the Vicaima Medical Range was also required to equip the new wing of the Dr. Nélio Mendonça HospitalThese included the 30 minute fire resistance and the 30 minute fire resistant double action Portaro®, as well as non-fire solutions, all of which have Dekordor® HD finish, ideal for places subject to intensive use. The Vicaima Medical Range has continuously been the focus of development and investment over the years and, currently, secures a vast selection of specific and certified performances in the fields of fire resistance, acoustics, security and radiation protection, with varied configuration, finish and design options.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an extraordinary demand for solutions for the healthcare sector around the world. Vicaima, closely cooperating with professionals in the construction sector, who kept working on the renovation, expansion and construction of hospitals or medical centres, so vital at this point, takes pride in contributing with its technical expertise in response to projects which now extend far beyond borders.


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