Vicaima trends and shades enhance avant-garde project in student accommodations


Vicaima was one of the selected brands to equip the interiors of the student accommodations at the University Residences of Campus Ajuda, in Lisbon, with a number of solutions matching the contemporary nature of the development. The areas integrate minimalist plans emphasizing the identity of the project and the vibrant colours featured throughout the complex, conveying life and audacity to the interiors.

The space takes on contemporary and almost vanguard architectural features, surrounded by aesthetics that strongly interact with colour, thus resulting in a lively and intense atmosphere. The residential environments present a concept designed to meet style, functionality and durability requirements.

The solutions applied to the project were Portaro® Inverse, with a 30 minute fire performance and non-fire, which feature the door faced with the panels, creating continuous plans, conceiving a contemporary essence throughout the interior. These fire resistant products are certified by independent accredited bodies, ensuring maximum safety for residents, by preventing or retarding fire propagation within the rooms in the event of a fire.

Along the corridors of the facility, the highlight goes to the red, orange and blue of Dekordor® HD Colours which create the astonishing ambience conceived for the project. In addition to its modern and inspiring look, this high physical and chemical resistance laminate is suitable for places subject to high demands, thereby offering resistance and durability in the daily use.

Wardrobes, interior doors and wall panels are an integral part of the contemporary concept of the project and add a clean touch to the spaces. Its visual density demonstrates the brand's capacity to provide aesthetically differentiated projects.


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