Vicaima's expertise excels in a new project in the hospital sector


Vicaima solutions selected for another project that stands out for its elegant and functional architecture

The Hospital Particular da Madeira (HPM), located in the municipality of Funchal, is the latest project in which Vicaima contributes to the hospital sector, with a basis on sustainability, breakthrough technology and a modern style architecture, with sober lines and contemporary solutions in its materialization.

This recently inaugurated building is now the most modern and best equipped private health unit in the archipelago, focusing on the well-being, comfort and, above all, the safety of its users. Vicaima provided its contribution and know-how to this project by using specific solutions from its Hospital Range: Portaro® solutions for the bedroom doors, common areas and corridors. Additionally, it also integrated wardrobes in the rooms, bringing harmony, through a simple and modern ambience.

In line with this aim of ensuring safety and comfort, the Portaro® 30 minute (EI30) and 60 minute (EI60) fire doors, including one and two leaf solutions, were selected, in accordance with the respective places of application and as per the prevailing legislation. All Portaro® solutions include door, frame and accessories with free passage dimensions that enable the free circulation and mobility of users between spaces.

To boost the simplicity and light that shape the project, white Dekordor® HD finish was selected, a continuous pressure laminate, providing high physical and chemical resistance and ideal for locations that are subject to intensive use.

This project is yet another evidence that Vicaima is prepared to meet the requirements of the hospital sector, thereby contributing to the comfort and functionality of the space: crucial assets that such an important place requires. The focus on the development of quality and reliable innovative solutions has been a unique attribute of Vicaima, placing it on the radar of major players and consolidating it as a global trend setter in the most varied sectors of activity, from hotel to housing or services.


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