What does the world of decor promise for 2024?


Vicaima opens the door to the trends and new perspectives that architecture, construction and design may reveal this year.

It’s a common exercise in any sector of activity - to foresee macro-trends, understand phenomena and draw up plans to respond to those same expectations of a future that is always more innovative, challenging and non-linear. The complementary worlds of architecture, construction and design are no exception and are the forerunners of boldness and disruption of norms, an attitude that brings them closer to the frontier between the beauty of evolution and the power of change.

As one of Europe’s major players in the design and production of cutting-edge solutions for interior doors, technical doors, frames, wardrobes, panels and furniture pieces, Vicaima identifies some of the focal priorities that are already being followed by professionals in the field and whose relevance is expected to increase this year.

One point will be common to all sectors - the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI). Whether for interior design and decoration or in construction processes and software, disruptive technologies will have an influence on the efficiency within the different phases of a project, from the generation of 3D models, integrated project management or the selection of decorative elements, enhancing the creativity and uniqueness of spaces by combining the analytical capacity of digital tools with the aesthetic and functional sensitivity of the human insight.

How can we go even further and understand what lines will shape the future of these sectors? Let’s go through, in detail, the features, concepts and movements that promise to make 2024 a transformative era.

Sustainability factors will continue to play an essential role

This year, sustainability will play a role in more than the choice of a decorative product, through elements that reflect the appreciation of local culture, proximity to communities and consideration for future generations.

In the construction sector, the inclusion of products with FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification, the organisation that promotes responsible forest management, will remain relevant in different projects, while maintaining the required aesthetic appeal and performance.

In addition, the rehabilitation of existing buildings will become even more important, adding to the value that restoring historical heritage can bring. In the interiors, thermal insulation will be one of the key factors in reducing energy consumption, while guaranteeing comfort for users, maintaining the constant priority of natural lighting for users by providing a warm and appealing environment.

At the same time, acoustic insulation will also be relevant, an important factor when silence is the most audible response to today’s demand for tranquillity and comfort. Among several growing sectors, 2024 foresees an increase in university residences, which are increasingly necessary in urban centres, where soundproofing is essential for the comfort of young people who use these places to study and work.

Doors as a fundamental element of personalisation

The selection of styles, tones and surfaces has risen to an archetype that promises to become the next design revolution. Today, there is a growing demand for doors with customised designs and finishes adapted to specific needs and aesthetics, a factor leveraged by AI when it comes to analysing data, lifestyles and preferences.

From the malleability of soft, organic shapes to bold collaborations between brands from opposing industries, 2024 appears on the horizon as the ideal year for the ones who crave the unexpected in an era of total freedom and daily change.

In this panorama, the authenticity of the choices promises to be revealed in the choice of door finishes, developing surfaces in which texture can be the differentiating factor. Among Vicaima’s wide range of options, this creative wave is already reflected in the Dekordor® 3D range of door finishes, which stand out for their modern look and pronounced texture. In total, it offers an exquisite palette of fifteen on-trend designs, in light and dark tones.

In fact, it’s precisely the effect of tone and colour that reigns in highly customised projects, as Pantone’s choice for 2024, Peach Fuzz, translates in all its essence, which can stand out as a differentiator in any décor. A true invitation to the smooth and profound assimilation of welcoming spaces, symptomatic of the contemporary dynamism that embraces historical tradition with vibrant brushstrokes for a perfect canvas of what tomorrow might look like.

In 2024, spaces will be increasingly "ours", mirroring the personality of those who use them. In buildings designed for housing, hotels, commercial services, healthcare or schools, the details that emanate a familiar and welcoming feeling will be highlighted. For projects looking to develop settings with a tailor-made concept, one of Vicaima’s many solutions can be found in the Wardrobe Transform range - a highly personalised offer that appeals to the senses and imagination of customers looking for a touch of exclusivity.

A long-term approach - the growing phenomenon of resilient construction

The eco-conscious approach to the construction of spaces will be a continuation of what recent years have shown, revealing itself in architecture through natural materials, reuse systems and environmental commitment.

A course defined by sustainable choices paves the way for construction that is better prepared to adapt to environmental demands and climatic phenomena. In the layer before aesthetics, resistance and durability will form the core of any multifunctional project.

In addition to security, energy saving and insulation are decisive building requirements in homes and are reflected in the technical performance of Vicaima’s Portaro® Security RC2, a high-performance solution that guarantees, in a single product, resistance to intrusion, excellent thermal insulation, high level of fire resistance and acoustic insulation, and is certified by accredited international bodies.

New themed projects emerging, from hotels to homes

Rooms associated with an iconic character from a movie or an animated element from a TV series are a throwback to a nostalgic childhood, but they are freeing themselves up as inspiration for themed projects, a growing trend in which physical spaces are also a feeling. Not only in housing, but also in the hotel sector, designs evocative of literature, elements of nature or cities will be less and less uncommon. Creativity will continue to blur boundaries, driving disruption in a new dimension of interior design that is very much present in the Vicaima Infinity line.

In an era defined by A.I., the different trends indicate that emotion will not cease to exist, but will prove increasingly decisive, responding to the demand for authenticity and connection. As a whole, these are the building blocks for architecture, construction and decoration that will continue to create modern and attractive spaces with sustainability and uniqueness.

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