With Doors Wide Open


Vicaima is proud of its many successes and achievements over the years, made possible by the close relationships formed with you our customers and partners. Together we have faced and overcome obstacles, finding solutions wherever needed.  This current decade; like no other, has brought challenges seldom faced in centuries. Yet, with the clarity of vision, strength and determination that characterizes Vicaima, we are determined to rise above this adversity. 

With a strong foundation of effective measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff, customers and partners, we are able to sustain, thrive and prosper.  We pledge to provide the market with certainty and resourcefulness in this demanding and extraordinary moment, so we open the doors to ours, which is your world:

  • Production capacity of over 1.5 million doors/year
  • Industrial area of about 100.000m2
  • Product certifications accredited by independent bodies for Portaro®/Block Fire, Acoustic and Security
  • Unique MATCH Designer Panels solutions applicable to various elements
  • Customised offers for housing, medical, hotel, school or commercial sectors
  • Wide range of designs, finishes, sizes and configurations
  • Integrated solutions which include Doors, Frames, Panels, Wardrobes/Closets
  • For a more sustainable construction, Vicaima has its entire range of products available with FSC® certification and provides specific solutions which ensure a high degree of thermal insulation.


Our operations around the globe have remained open throughout this crisis, but in step with the strict medical and government guidelines determined locally. 

With a focus on assisting markets with medical and other essential projects, we are ready to help you solve the challenges faced by this pandemic and explore new dimensions capable of making a difference. This is our purpose, so here we are, on your side, stronger than ever.

Engaged in this spirit and in a new era that we call "WITH DOORS WIDE OPEN", we embrace fresh ideas, remarkable projects and inspiring innovations, created in a thought-provoking environment and a can-do attitude.

Join Vicaima with eager anticipation and optimism. We will be true to the goal of always doing more and doing it better.